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Recently J. Franklin Willis, a.k.a. Jim, published his first book, Of Roses and Poets. The book is a delightful collection of Jimís portraits of roses paired with vintage poems dating from 1500 to the early 1900s. During the Viet Nam War when Jim was an enlisted man and a midshipman splitting time between university and active duty a special young woman gave him a book of poetry. Why poetry? Because in troubled times the words of ancient poets were clearer than those of politicians and angry college peers. Why roses and poems now? In a time otherwise shattered by violence, messages of beauty, love and honor are whispered to the very soul of humanity through the presence of roses and the words of poets. Some roses remind us of lovers, while others hold a mischievous quality that flirt with our very essence. The poets gift us the words that bring to life the vapors than inhabit the soul and the very spirit of humanity that may lift us above a sometimes cruel world.

You may use my e-mail address to order signed copies directly. The price of $29.95 includes the book, handling, shipping, insurance, postage and Washington sales tax.

Jim has also produced works of fiction, unpublished at this time. By clicking on the link below you may preview the first chapter, First Date, of the short fictional novel Inside Out.

Click here to read Chapter 1, First Date