Here you will find tips about how to give your pictures the extra touch to make them look just that much better!

Photo Tip 1: Children and Pets

The change that will make the greatest quality difference in your pictures of children and pets is basic, bring the camera down to their level or raise them to camera level. For best results it is good to have the camera at the level of the child’s chin. When you go into a studio for children’s pictures the photographer almost always has an elevated platform upon which the child is placed.

When we look down at a child or a pet our brain makes adjustments. The camera does not. Furthermore, if the camera is severely tilted that will cause distortions, especially at the edge of the image. This idea of getting the child and the camera on the same level holds true for action shots as well. If you are shooting your child’s soccer match you will get the best shots by bringing the camera down to the level of the player’s chins. Also, when doing sports photography a monopod with a head that allows you to tilt the camera is an excellent investment. These are relatively inexpensive and will allow you to keep the camera in the ready position without having extreme arm fatigue.